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About Me

My name is Amy. Mom to 9 kids, 2 dogs and 1 crazy life! My husband and I began our journey towards healing 3 years ago and haven't stopped since! I began a YouTube channel to share our experiences, pitfalls and triumphs. Our whole family (At least the ones living with us) are Keto to Carnivore... or somewhere in there! We take things one day at a time, together! 

Why You Should Join Me

I thought I had everything I needed. I believed my ever-expanding knowledge base, passion to learn and desire to teach others was enough. But I was missing a crucial piece. I joined the Steak and Butter Gang and discovered exactly what I was missing... My village. My community. My Tribe. While they are strictly a Carnivore community, I wanted a place where all Keto, Ketovore and Carnivore's are welcome. A place where we lift each other up, provide a shoulder to cry on and celebrate each other's victories. This is that place! No judgment, no condemnation, just a family you never knew you had. Guest speakers, certified coaches and like-minded people, all in one place!

A Big Thanks

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. When my husband, the sole "Bread winner" (No pun intended!) in our home found himself without a job, we had to take drastic action. I had already been producing content on YouTube for nearly a year and it was just beginning to take off. Because of that, all our time and effort went into helping teach and reach others with our story and passion. This community is just one of the goals I had envisioned, and it has come at last! When you join this community, you help support us in our hard times and help build one another up along their journey as well! Come find your place, with us.


This is a community to learn in. Nothing shared or suggested here is to be taken as medical advice. Always check with your health care provider before making changes. 

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